Catalina Grija

Strategic Program Promotion with Minimal Ad Spend

The Client

Catalina Grija MD is a highly regarded physician hailing from Chicago, Illinois. She has transitioned her medical practice into a specialized field, becoming an expert in functional medicine. Her primary focus is assisting individuals in achieving weight management and overall health improvement through her comprehensive program, which typically ranges from $2500 to $3000.

The Goal

Catalina sought a dedicated partner to devise effective strategies for promoting her specialized weight management program. She envisioned a comprehensive approach that included website management, social media engagement, the creation of landing pages, and the organization of webinars and masterclasses. The ultimate aim was to drive program sales while optimizing advertising expenses, ensuring a cost-effective approach to expanding her clientele.

Project Outcome

Through our collaborative efforts in optimizing advertising campaigns, crafting effective email marketing, and implementing organic social media strategies, including group management, Catalina Grijalva MD experienced significant results. In just the second month, she achieved an impressive 3-4 sales for her weight management program, demonstrating the power of our tailored approach in delivering consistent growth while efficiently managing resources and minimizing ad spend.

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