Catalina Grija

Marketing Accelerator for MD Catalina Grija

The Client

Catalina Grija, She is a health professional who uses functional medicine to help people manage weight, diagnose & cure chronic diseases. She also offers Botox and SculpSure treatments.

The Goal

The goal was to enhance her social media presence by optimising her LinkedIn, Facebook - page, profile group, and Instagram account.We aimed to increase sales through content marketing strategies and paid advertisements, freeing up her time to focus on sales rather than content creation.

Services for the client

  • Website Creation & management
  • Research about the competitors
  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation
  • Social media management - (Instagram, Facebook Profile, Page & Group, LinkedIn)
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook ADS
  • Clarity sessions with Manmeet. (In these sessions clients can ask anything about their business goals or confusions holding them back in their journey)   

Content Marketing

Copywriting & Social media Post

Project Outcome

Through a combination of value-driven and testimonial posts, as well as posts related to her personal story, we were able to successfully drive traffic to her website and increase her page likes by 27%. Our primary focus was on her Facebook group, and by implementing effective strategies, we were able to increase its membership by 53%. By building a strong network, we were able to generate more leads for her business. We continue to use both organic strategies and advertising to support her ongoing growth.

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