Consistent Monthly Revenue of 6-7 Lakhs Through Strategic Marketing

The Client

Civilera is a well-established brand specializing in providing a wide range of courses tailored for civil and structural engineers. They offer a diverse selection of courses, including self-paced, low-ticket options, as well as high-ticket courses.

The Goal

Civilera was in search of a partner who could not only market but also deeply understand the intricacies and technical aspects of their business.

They had previously collaborated with various marketers but were now seeking a more profound engagement where the focus was on working collaboratively "with them" rather than merely working "for them."
Civilera aimed to find a dedicated partner who could immerse themselves in the business, ensuring the successful promotion and sale of both their self-paced and high-ticket courses.

Project Outcome

Consistent Monthly Revenue of 6-7 Lakhs Through Strategic Marketing.
 With the help of our strategic approach to paid advertisements and email marketing, Civilera achieved remarkable results. They consistently generated an impressive monthly revenue of 6-7 lakhs, all while maintaining a monthly ad spend of under 80k. This achievement underscored the effectiveness of our partnership and the ability to drive significant returns on investment for Civilera's self-paced and high-ticket courses.

Samples of our work for Civilera 

This is what Premjit “Founder of Civilera” feels about us

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