Founder of I Am Wholeness

The Client

AMI is the founder of "I Am Wholeness" and specializes in guiding individuals on their soul's journey to overcome limiting subconscious programs that hinder personal growth. Her mission is to empower her clients to embrace phenomenal confidence, reclaim their inner power, and manifest the life they desire.

The Goal

Enhance Connection with Existing Leads: AMI's first goal was to establish a stronger connection with her existing leads and illustrate how her teachings had personally benefited her. To accomplish this, we implemented a transformative "7-day email sequence."

 Increase Leads and Audience Engagement with Minimal Ad Spend: Her second goal was to expand her audience and increase leads and sales, all while minimizing advertising expenses. 

Project Outcome
Enhanced Engagement, New Leads, and Sales Growth

AMI's audience became more engaged when they discovered the real-life success story behind her teachings. The 7-day email sequence effectively showcased her journey and resonated with her audience.

Through our strategic approach, which included social media content creation, group management, and cost-effective advertising campaigns, AMI gained a significant number of new leads. This influx of leads, combined with the enhanced connection with her existing audience, resulted in increased sales

Samples of our work for AMI 

This is what AMI feels about us 

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