Bass Ek Raah

A NGO Website

The Client

Bass Ek Raah Charitable Society is a non-profit organisation committed to empowering women and youth of all genders through competencies-based education, vocational skills training, and career development.
WebEasy loved working on this project, It's our duty to make an impact in the society

The Goal

The objective was to create a platform that would enable individuals to participate in Bass Ek Raah Charitable Society's efforts by contributing through internships, volunteering, or making donations. The platform would also serve as a means for people in need to access vocational skills training and career development opportunities offered by the organisation. Additionally, the platform would provide information about ongoing campaigns and ways for individuals to get involved.

Project Outcome

As a result of the website creation, Bass Ek Raah Charitable Society was able to reach out and connect with people, making their mission and services more widely known. Through their efforts, the organisation was able to positively impact the lives of many individuals by providing them with much-needed assistance and support.

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