Career Reform

A Career Guidance Website

The Client

Career reform focuses on establishing a self-sustaining system for improving the skills of both individuals and organisations, with a focus on meeting the demands of global industries. To achieve this goal, they offer services such as career guidance and psychometric tests to aid in personal and professional development.

The Goal

The ultimate goal was to make career reform the preferred choice of individuals for grooming the existing talent & to make a strong workforce for tomorrow; However, achieving this objective required effectively showcasing their services. To address this, we designed a website for them featuring a variety of resources, including career guidance, psychometric tests, scholarship registration, and more.

Project Outcome

As a result, Career reform's website effectively promoted their services, with many individuals taking advantage of the available resources, such as the various tests offered. By joining Career reform's WhatsApp groups, people were able to expand their network and remain in contact with those who may benefit from Career reform's services. Overall, Career reform's online presence helped connect them with individuals in need of their expertise.

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