Manning Consulting

A Recruitment Agency Website

The Client

Manning Consulting is a recruitment company that focuses on finding the right candidate for your firm or finding the perfect job for the candidate.

The Goal

The website was designed to provide job seekers with all the information they required to find employment and to allow them to view open vacancies. 

 Goal 2

Manning expressed a desire for a modern website that effectively communicates their brand story while also including a section for job seekers to directly submit their information on the site. We believe that adapting to changing times is an important phase towards progress. Emphasising the power of a compelling brand story, We aim to attract potential clients and create a strong online presence.

Project Outcome

The website helped people find jobs and see the requirements for vacancies, As a result, the company had better communication with people applying for jobs as people are already aware of the requirements. The approach of changing with time contributed to manning for receiving more queries from job seekers as a result of the section where job seekers could enter their details, which saved time for communication and ensured that no candidate was neglected. Their brand story aided people in developing a strong connection with manning consulting.

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