Supriya Jain

Outsourcing Social Media Content Writing and Management

The Client

Supriya Jain is a renowned expert in copywriting, with extensive experience coaching students and working with prominent brands.

The Goal

Despite her expertise in copywriting, Supriya's goal was to outsource the creation and management of her social media content to a team that can efficiently handle this aspect of her online presence, allowing her to focus on coaching and collaborating with major brands.

Project Outcome

Working with Supriya, a master of content herself, was an enlightening experience for us. She found satisfaction in our ability to mirror her unique style and tone in the content we created for her. Not only did we take charge of writing and designing her social media content, but we also managed the posting schedule.

This collaboration freed up Supriya’s time significantly. But don't just take our word for it – hear Supriya speak about her experience with us in her own words in the video below.

Samples of our work for Supriya Jain

This is what Surpiya feels about us

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