Transformation Coach, Astrologer, and Brand Expert

The Client

Renee is a multi-talented professional with expertise in transformation coaching, astrology, and branding. Her unique approach involves helping clients understand their true selves at a soul level and guiding them to authentically brand themselves from the inside out.

The Goal

Renee's goal was to create stronger connections with her existing leads while ensuring that anyone who became a part of her lead magnet understood her journey. To achieve this, we recommended implementing a "7-day email sequence" to effectively share her story.

Project Outcome

Renee was thrilled with the outcome as she read her own compelling story through the 7-day email sequence. Equally important, her audience felt a deeper connection with her after experiencing her narrative. This strengthened bond led to Renee entrusting her marketing efforts to our team. We are now actively working on acquiring new leads and increasing sales for Renee, building upon the foundation of the powerful connection she has established with her audience.

Samples of our work for Renee

This is what Renee feels about us 

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